Where to stay in Athens? a helpful guide to hotel districts

Like all major cities, Athens has a vast amount of hotels spread out throughout the whole area. There is no best hotel or best district to stay in, there are better neighborhoods than others for your own individual preferences and budget. Our aim is to help the first time visitor make an informed choice on suitable districts to stay in Athens.

Where to stay in Athens? Athens Metropolitan Area map

Athens Metropolitan Area map

Where to stay in Athens?

So if you are making a decision about where to stay in Athens, you have a lot of options. Whether you want a luxury suite, a simple room with a view of the Acropolis, or a budget hotel with an awesome location, HotelAthensGreece.com has some suggestions for you.

Where to stay in Athens? Your guide to hotel districts in Athens

When we talk about Athens we mean the metropolitan Athens area which is divided in 3 major suburbs groups: 1) «Athens» meaning the City of Athens where the major attractions of Ancient Athens are located, 2) Piraeus and the Athens Riviera, the major port to the Greek Islands, 3) Northern suburbs where a residential and in some cases business character prevails.

Most of this areas provide accommodation for the traveler, ranging from budget through to luxury. Some districts offer almost exclusively one type of accommodation: in Gazi for example hotels are nonexistent but there are plenty of apartments available.

the city of Athens

Home of some of the most famous world attractions, as the Acropolis and a myriad of unique museums, the City of Athens offer a great variety of accommodations. From budget hotel to extremely sophisticated palaces, from designers lofts to great BnB visitors will find the accommodation they want.


Piraeus and the Athens Riviera

The city of Piraeus is the port of Athens, one of the biggest in Europe, and the departing port for the Greek islands. It's also the starting point of the so called «Athens Riviera»: more than 60km / m. of shores on the Saronic Gulf offering splendid locations with magnificent beaches, marinas etc.

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Northern suburbs

The Northern suburbs of Athens are composed by residential, business and sports complex ditricts. An abundance of parks and squares, galleries, museums, hotels, upscale restaurants, bars and venues make for a vibrant cultural life in this districts that brings the visitor as close to nature as possible.

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