the City of Athens: the heart of the Greek capital

the City of Athens aka Downtown Athens, aka "kentro"

The city of Athens where most leisure travelers visit key attractions, has some of the most expensive accommodations. However, there are so many places to stay in that area you can easily choose a district to suit your needs, whatever your budget.

The identity of Athens is hard to describe. It’s multi-layered and convoluted, and outside of its Acropolis fame, many ignore the edgy metropolis found among the scattering of centuries-old ruins. In a word in Athens West-meets-East and that’s often noisy and chaotic and undeniably alive!

The first contact with the Greek capital is when landing at the new International airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (27km from the city centre). This is a highly technological building complex but with a simple and linear structure. It reflects the characteristics of today's Athens, a metropolis where the elegance of its most ancient monuments and the untidy planning boom, is sided with linear modern infrastructures.

A panoramic view of the Royal Palace (actual Parliament) and Mount Lycabettus. Photograph from 1850-1880

A panoramic view of the Royal Palace (actual Parliament) and Mount Lycabettus. Photograph from 1850-1880 (image Library of Congress)

The Athens of today and of the future is discovering its true identity, partly because it is a focal point for contemporary artists who converge here from all over the world to live and discover the city and be inspired by it, thus contributing to make it increasingly beautiful and charming.

Discover the neighborhoods:


The heart of the Greek capital, a political, economical centrer Syntagma square offers some of the most expensive options to stay in Athens.



Just under the Acropolis, Plaka also called the "neighborhood of Gods" is a charming district offering a variety of interesting hotel options.


Monastiraki & Psiri

Monastiraki and Psiri district is full of great hotels in the heart of Athens in walking distance from all major attractions.


Makrygianni & Koukaki

Centred on the Acropolis, it's ne of the most expensive areas to stay in Athens, though there still are simple 2 star hotels available.


Gazi - Kerameikos

Gazi and Kerameikos are two major areas of the athenian scene. Full of great bars and restaurants they offer plenty of hotel options.



Located just after the western slopes of the Acropolis hill, Thissio and Petralona are two very interesting districts full of life.



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